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Premier BBQ Assorted Meat Pack 6.93kg [$17.02/kg] [$7.72/lb]

Premier BBQ Assorted Meat Pack 6.93kg [$17.02/kg] [$7.72/lb]

$11799 Includes NNC subsidy of: $33.26

Contains: Seasoned Striploin Steaks 4x160g, Beef Burgers 12x113g, Round Steak AA 1x340g, Pork Chops, Centre Cut Bone-In  4x125g, Pork Butt Steak. Bone-In 1x400g, Pork Side Ribs 1x1.25kg, Chicken Thighs, Bone In Back- Off  1x1.2kg, Hot Dogs 2x450g