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Maple Leaf Klik Luncheon Meat Light 12x340g [$5.83/ea]

Maple Leaf Klik Luncheon Meat Light 12x340g [$5.83/ea]

$6999 Includes NNC subsidy of: $0.00

Enjoy a tasty meal in no time with Klik Luncheon Meat. Made with our quality cuts of pork, this convenient shelf-stable canned meat is the perfect staple to keep on hand in your pantry. Ready to eat, the pork luncheon meat is delicious in a hearty sandwich, panfried with eggs and toast for breakfast, or added to soups, omelets, or casseroles for a simple yet delicious supper. A brand of Maple Leaf Foods, Klik is proud to be a part of feeding millions of Canadians, every single day.